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Website Support

Website Support

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  • School Website (Buy Outright)


    Buy Outright Option – Buy this Website to start your School Website, once you place your order your site is ready in 24 to 48 hours and you are ready to start runing your business with a fully functional website. your website is Ecommerce/Gateway-set which means you can start receiving payments for your products from your customers immidiatly (Please Read Terms and Conditions).

    Demo Site -: Link

    All websites are completely maintained by our professionals so you don’t have to worry about security updates, site issues e.t.c.

    All our website has a disaster recovery plans which backsup and protect your data and allow for service continuety in rare occasion of site malfunction. DR switch-over takes less than 3 mins per site with all data intact thanks to our replication services.

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  • Websites Support Service


    Websites Support

    All website support issues are typically solved within 24 hours due to the nature of the business service we understand you do not want a site down for more than 24 hours.

    We typically support:

    • WordPress Sites
    • Joomla Sites
    • HTML Sites and
    • SharePoint Sites

    We also can provide backup and replication services to your SQLi. We take a backup of your current database for future use in case of a disaster.

    All out Engineers and technicians are Security Cleared; reference can be provided on request.


    Location is not an issue as we can fix your issues remotely.

    On very rare occasions you require an engineer on-site, call out fee applies.

    All Support packages are charged only after service provisions. When you order this service 3 days laps before payment deduction.  This is to ensure your issues have been completely resolved before payment.

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